The taubenkobel of Eveline and Walter Eselböck is an Austrian restaurant legend. Let's forget this sentence. Legends you watch, but you go out to eat in restaurants. Many things are new, many things are different, some things reminiscent of past times.

Alain Weissgerber and Barbara Eselböck-Weissgerber have opened the window and let in fresh air. This air flow not only smells of spring and summer, it also brings the archaic flavors of on an open fire grilled food to the noses of the guests.
The standards are high, but not the threshold. 

Wednesday  and Thursday: 5 pm - 10 pm 
Friday: noon - 2:30 pm and 5 pm - 10:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: noon - 10 pm

the taubenkobel, gourmet restaurant, is closed during 21st of december 2014 till mid of february 2015, our
greisslerei at taubenkobel is open from the 9th of january till 26 th of february, every friday, saturday and sunday!

Barbara Eselböck-Weissgerber
Alain Weissgerber
Walter Eselböck
Eveline Eselböck


Barbara Eselböck-Weissgerber
"I love the hospitality, but if serving would be the only thing I would do I would be pretty bored. I constantly need new challenges and am always looking for variety. Such is the constant advancement in taubenkobel which makes to me infinitely more fun. "
Barbara Eselböck-Weissgerber

Greisslerei at taubenkobel

The small "Greisslerei" next to the taubenkobel challenges the taubenkobel and brought up a tough competition. When the Greisslerei is doing a great job the taubenkobel has to work even harder.
Life is not a bed of roses.

The team is capable of the cuisine of the Piemont as well as the suisine of the Pannonian region. Beside the restaurant you will also find lots of lovely food related accessories and things to eat and drink as well.  Lovers of good food and wine will be in heaven at the Greisslerei.


Wednesday to Sunday: 10 am - 10 pm

the taubenkobel, gourmet restaurant, is closed during 21st of december 2014 till mid of february 2015, our
greisslerei at taubenkobel is open from the 9th of january till 26 th of february, every friday, saturday and sunday!

SUITEN Relais & Chateaux

No usual hotel room awaits our guests when they check in at taubenkobel. Walter Eselböck, the chef, in which dwells a designer, has developed the hotel piece by piece and detail by detail.

Schopenhauer would say: if not the world, so at least one hotel room after will and vision.
You may never want to go anywhere else. 
You may never want to swim in any other bool. 
You may never want to have breakfast anywhere else anylonger. 



Wednesday and Thursday: 5 - 10 pm
Friday: noon - 2:30 pm and  5 - 10:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: noon - 10 pm

+43(0) 26842297

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Greisslerei at taubenkobel

Wednesday till Sunday: 10 am - 10 pm

+43(0) 2684 2297 20

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Relais & Chateaux SUITEN




winter is coming and there is no better way to spend the weekends than gathering to getter with your loved ones and enjoy a hide away at taubenkobel. cosi suites, dinner from the open fire and a heart warming breakfast.

- 1 night in a suite of the relais & chateaux taubenkobel 
   with delightfully  breakfast in the Greisslerei 
- evening menu from the open fire in the restaurant taubenkobel in 5 courses 
- hot-water-bag at night
- small present from our greisslerei
- hot punch

199 € per person in the junior suite (double occupancy)
... request an offer
until the 21st of december

VALENTINSTAG greisslerei 149 pro Person

wednesday: wine at taubenkobel

2 days / 1 night at Relais & Chateaux 

- 5 course menu from the open fire 
- 3 Glasses of natural wines 
- authentic breakfast in the Greisslerei 
- Prosecco col di luna

199 euro per person

thursday: pure pleasure

2 days / 1 night at Relais & Chateaux
- 7 course menu from the open fire 
- authentic breakfast in the Greisslerei

199 euro per person



mittags ab 78 Euro // abends ab 88 Euro                                    
- Aperitif am Punschstand
- Menü in 4 Akten vom offenen Feuer
- authentische Weinbegleitung (3 Glas pro Person) + 22 Euro             
- Gedeck
- Mineralwasser                                                        
- Espresso
- Weihnachtsbäckerei
- Menükarten
- kein Aufpreis für "Service-open-end"


​mittags ab 33 Euro // abends ab 38 Euro
- Aperitif am Punschstand
- Menü in 3 Gängen
- Gedeck
- 2cl Haus-Schnapserl

Cooking Class

10.10.2014 fully booked


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chef de partie
commis de cuisine

chef de rang

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Chef de partie
commis de cuisine


Vielleicht nicht London, New York oder Paris, dafür aber Deine Chance viel dazu zu lernen und von Schützen bei Wien im Burgenland aus die Welt zu erobern! Das junge und dynamische Team um Barbara Eselböck und  Ihrem Mann Alain Weissgerber freut sich auf Verstärkung.

Du bist Gastgeber aus Leidenschaft und möchtest dich weiterentwickeln? Dann bist Du im taubenkobel gut aufgehoben. Wir bieten Dir die spannende Herausforderung, dich in einem der besten Restaurants Österreichs, weiterzuentwickeln. Neben dieser Möglichkeit, bieten wir Dir eine Unterkunft, Verpflegung, eine 5-Tage-Woche, überdurchschnittliche Entlohnung und vor allem ein angenehmes, motivierendes Arbeitsklima in einem sympathischen Team.

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Guide Michelin 2009 ( 2 Sterne)


Hauptstrasse 31-33,
7081 Schützen am
Gebirge, Austria
+43 2684 2297

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À LA CARTE *****
GUIDE MICHELIN (last guide 2009) **
No 89 San Pellegrino 2014 WORLDS BEST


not everything that is good is new.
if today in all parts of the world it is praised on regional products and traditional preparation, we feel validated - and are also a little proud. because the search for the "lost taste", which is the program in the top gastronomy throughout the world today, has started with us in the "taubenkobel " more than 20 years ago.
since 1992, we gather the wild herbs which are growing around our house and without them our cuisine would not be the same. we did not invent this, of course not: even our grandpa, in 1961 at the "Eselmühle" in st. margarethen was having animals and produced lots of things himself -the way it would to be called "organic". 

we are no do-gooder but we love the richness and uniqueness of the Pannonian region. we love the plants that thrive here, and the animals that live here. we like the diverse culture that makes up the Pannonian and the sum of countless influences. we love the art and the Pannonian craft, so we serve our dishes at handmade table ware, which we use since the beginning.
they go with us on a journey into distinctive.
producers, we know personally and whose work we very much appreciate support us.
we take the time to find the best for you. take your time to enjoy it 

Art at the taubenkobel

To cuisine and the country house atmosphere and the collection of contemporary art is remarkable at Taubenkobel. In addition to pictures of Herbert Brandl, Rudi Holdhaus, Franz Ringel, Thomas Baumgärtl, Sebastian Bacher White, Oswald Oberhuber, Otto Muehl and Markus Prachensky, ... you can also admire Erwin Wurm and Mario Dalpra sculptures. The Eselböcks want to serve their guests beside culinary delights also fine art contemporary literature. Regularly authors like Daniel Kehlmann, Thomas Glavinic or Thomas Maurer are reading from their works.