The taubenkobel of Eveline and Walter Eselböck is an Austrian restaurant legend. Let's forget this sentence. Legends you watch, but you go out to eat in restaurants. Many things are new, many things are different, some things reminiscent of past times. 

Alain Weissgerber and Barbara Eselböck have opened the window and let in fresh air. This air flow not only smells of spring and summer, it also brings the archaic flavors of on an open fire grilled food to the noses of the guests. The standards are high, but not the threshold.

The taubenkobel Philosophy
Our home is Europe
Kitchen of the Kronländer k. and k.

Not everything what is new is good. For the search for the lost taste next to our own house, which is today in the top food of the whole world program, has begun with us in the "taubenkobel" more than 20 years ago.  Since 1992, we have been collecting the wild herbs, which are indispensable in our kitchen, in the meadows and hills around the lake Neusiedel. We have not invented this, of course not: already the grandfather, who lead the "eselmühle" since 1961 in st. Margarethen, bred pigs and cattle in a way that we call nowadays "biological". At that time one said to it: self-evident.  We are not a better world, but we are happy about the richness and distinctiveness of the Pannonian region. We love the plants that thrive here, and the animals that live here. These may be the diverse culture that constitutes the Pannonian and the sum of countless influences. We love the Pannonian art and the Pannonian craftsmanship, so we serve our dishes on dishes, since the beginning we have been potted in the village.  Come with us on a trip to the unmistakable. Producers, who know us personally and appreciate their work, support us. Please take the time to find the best for you. Take the time to enjoy it

our menus are constantly changing and depend on the range of the nature

Menu 68 euro (Lunch only)
Familysunday Menu 68 euro (Kids until the age of 14 are our guests)
Menu Alain Weissgerber 128 euro 

Barbara Eselböck-Weissgerber
Alain Weissgerber
Walter Eselböck
Eveline Eselböck


Barbara Eselböck
"I love the hospitality, but if serving would be the only thing I would do I would be pretty bored. I constantly need new challenges and am always looking for variety. Such is the constant advancement in taubenkobel which makes to me infinitely more fun. "
Barbara Eselböck-Weissgerber

Greisslerei at taubenkobel

The small "Greisslerei" next to the taubenkobel challenges the taubenkobel and brought up a tough competition. When the Greisslerei is doing a great job the taubenkobel has to work even harder.
Life is not a bed of roses.

The team is capable of the cuisine of the Piemont as well as the cuisine of the Pannonian region. Beside the restaurant you will also find lots of lovely food related accessories and things to eat and drink as well.  Lovers of good food and wine will be in heaven at the Greisslerei.

FOOD  weekly changing bistromenu

HOTEL taubenkobel Relais & Chateaux

No usual hotel room awaits our guests when they check in at taubenkobel. Walter Eselböck, the chef, in which dwells a designer, has developed the hotel piece by piece and detail by detail.

Schopenhauer would say: if not the world, so at least one hotel room after will and vision.
You may never want to go anywhere else. 
You may never want to swim in any other swimming pond ever. 
You may never want to have breakfast anywhere else any longer.
Take a look also on our hip B&B Hotel DRAHTESELBÖCK in Rust, just a few kilometre distance...




Wednesday and Thursday: 6 - 10 pm
Friday and Saturday: noon - 2:30 pm and  6 pm - 10:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00-17:00

Every Sunday is our Familiysunday

From 17.11. - 22.12. we have our Pop up Restaurant "Brieftaubenkobel" in Vienna, Postgasse 8, 1010 Wien open every day for dinner, except sunday.

The taubenkobel is closed during this Pop Up in Vienna, but the Greisslerei is open for you from Wednesday till Sunday from 10am till 10pm

reservations for our pop up "Brieftaubenkobel"

+43 26842297
book a table

Greisslerei at taubenkobel

Wednesday - Sunday: 10 am - 10 pm

Relais & Chateaux SUITEN

online booking

send us your favourite date and you will get your great offer. please ask us also for special conditions. nothing is worse than an empty room.
enjoy your time at the restaurant together with a overnight stay at our hotel, enjoy our rooms full of art and soul. Our peaceful garden with the amazing swimmingpond helps you to do nothing.


take a look at our new hip B&B Hotel DRAHTESELBÖCK in Rust, only few kilometres distance from taubenkobel.

Arriving per Helicopter click here



thursday: pure pleasure

2 days / 1 night at Relais & Chateaux
- menu from the open fire 
- authentic breakfast in the Greisslerei
- overnight stay at the Relais & Chateaux

  taubenkobel199 euro per person


Every Sunday Lunch we offer a Homestyle Menu for our guests. Your kids until the age of 14 are our guests, if they eat also the menu! 68euro PP


Barbara Eselböck und Alain Weissgerber are packing up the POST PALAIS and bringing the Belle Époque back to life.

After 200 years playing host to post- marks, stamps, and packages, the rooms of the Alte Post building loca- ted at Postgasse 8 in Vienna’s first district will be transformed into the “Brieftaubenkobel” from 17 November to 22 December 2017.

Get ready for a culinary adventure full of variety and bold authenticity.

Allow yourself to be amazed by Alain Weissgerber’s international cuisine, which features only the finest ingredients from across Europe, and enjoy the expert service provided by the radiant hostess Barbara Eselböck and her team.

An unforgettable evening awaits you. 

After making your way into the building through a separate entryway, you’ll be whisked away to a world full of old-time Viennese flair. Servers in white livery and white gloves move gracefully through the handsomely appointed staterooms, transporting you back

to a bygone age.

Reservations at +43 2684 2297 or

Details at


2 days / 1 night at Relais & Chateaux 

- 7 acts menu from the open fire 
- 6 Glasses of natural wines 
- authentic breakfast in the Greisslerei 
- overnight stay in a doubleroom at the Relais &  Chateaux  taubenkobel
- couvert

299 euro per person

wednesday: wine at taubenkobel

2 days / 1 night at Relais & Chateaux 

- menu from the open fire 
- 3 Glasses of natural wines 
- authentic breakfast in the Greisslerei 
- overnight stay at the Relais & Chateaux  taubenkobel
- Prosecco col di luna

199 euro per person


2 days / 1 night at Relais & Chateaux 

- degustations menu from the open  fire 
- 7 Glasses of winepairing natural wines 
- 1 glas natural champagner rosé 
- authentic breakfast in the Greisslerei 
- overnight stay in a beautiful grand suite at the  Relais &  Chateaux  taubenkobel
- couvert

398 euro per person


We can either issue a voucher to any height or a performance-linked coupon. You will get a beautiful, festive voucher for your loved one. GIVE TIME!


Den Geschenkgutschein senden wir Ihnen per Post zu.



Print@Home Gutscheine

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We are looking for for a young, dynamic and motivated team - members


Please contact us at!

We are happy to hear from you.


We are looking for for a young, dynamic and motivated team - members




Please contact us at!

We are happy to hear from you.


Please contact us at!

We are happy to hear from you.


Hauptstrasse 31-33,
7081 Schützen am
Gebirge, Austria
40km from vienna
at the neusiedler lake
next Airport: VIENNA (35 km)
or arriving by helicopter

+43 2684 2297

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Our home is europe.
not everything that is good is new.
if today in all parts of the world it is praised on regional products and traditional preparation, we feel validated - and are also a little proud. because the search for the "lost taste", which is the program in the top gastronomy throughout the world today, has started with us in the "taubenkobel " more than 20 years ago.
since 1992, we gather the wild herbs which are growing around our house and without them our cuisine would not be the same. we did not invent this, of course not: even our grandpa, in 1961 at the "Eselmühle" in st. margarethen was having animals and produced lots of things himself -the way it would to be called "organic". 

we are no do-gooder but we love the richness and uniqueness of the Pannonian region. we love the plants that thrive here, and the animals that live here. we like the diverse culture that makes up the Pannonian and the sum of countless influences. we love the art and the Pannonian craft, so we serve our dishes at handmade table ware, which we use since the beginning.
they go with us on a journey into distinctive.
producers, we know personally and whose work we very much appreciate support us.
we take the time to find the best for you. take your time to enjoy it 

Art at taubenkobel

The cuisine and the country house atmosphere and the collection of contemporary art is remarkable at Taubenkobel. In addition to pictures of Herbert Brandl, Eduard Angeli, Erwin Wurm, Andy Warhol, Rudi Holdhaus, Franz Ringel, Thomas Baumgärtl, Sebastian Bacher White, Oswald Oberhuber, Otto Muehl and Markus Prachensky, ... you can also admire Erwin Wurm and Mario Dalpra sculptures. The Eselböcks want to serve their guests beside culinary delights also fine art contemporary literature. Regularly authors like Daniel Kehlmann, Thomas Glavinic or Thomas Maurer are reading from their works.